Social Media

Social Media Revolution…. Check out this short video

Social networking – links, articles –

·         LinkedIn

o         Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job –

o         A Top 10. The best job search groups on LinkedIn –

o         LinkedIn Job Search groups. After you join –

o         LinkedIn green jobs –

o         Bad news for workers is good news for LinkedIn -   (by Rick Whittington)

·         Facebook

o         Ten Ways to use Facebook to find a job –

o         RichmondJobNet –

o         Virginia Career Network –

o         Linking The Laid Off –

·         Twitter

o         Twitter benefits – (by Daulton West)

o         50 Twitter Users to Follow for Your Job Search –

o         The Future for Twitter is all Search –

o         Job Sites and Career Experts on Twitter –

o         Find people to follow on Twitter –

o         85 Twitter Tools –

o         100 Twitter Tools to Help You Achieve Your Goals –


· Job Searching –

o         Job Search and Career Networking Tips –

o         Top Social Media Sites for Job Searching –

o         How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search –

o         How to Use LinkedIn to Job Search –

o         Job Searching on Twitter (Twitter Overview)http://jobseauser=1t1l4a8fdpka8&

o         Job Search Keywords -



·         Social networking sites a tool for businesses –

·         SUCCESSWERKS - Nhat Pham (aka Social Media Samurai) -
·         Five reasons to Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook: The new PR - hing) -
·         The Importance of Social Networking -
·         Five Reasons To Start Your Own Social Networking Site  -
·         How to use social networking sites to boost business -  

·         Using Social Networks for Social Change –  

·         Marketing 2.0 –

·         Update all your social network profiles at once –


Job transition / career information

·         30+ Websites to Visit When You’re Laid Off –  

·         10 NING Networks to Help You Land Your Next Job -  
·         Top 10 Social Sites for Finding a Job -     
·         Richmond JobNet -
·         Career Prospectors -

·         Career Management of Virginia (Bud Whitehouse) –

·         Virginia Career Network -

·         Virginia Workforce Connection –

·         ResumeBucket: Store a copy of your resume online. It is easy to do –

·         Linking the Laid Off -
·         Jobs In Social Media  -
·         New Media Hire -

·         Henrico Will Open Employment Transition Center

·         Navigating Through Hard Times Resource Guide (United Way)

·         Monitoring your reputation online - (by Rick Whittington)
·         Google your name and see where your name appears – you might be surprised
·         Fee business cards -

March 20, 2009 | by Daulton West, Jr.


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