A Guide to Discovering Your Gifts and Pursuing Your Professional Career Search

Click here to view the New CNM Handbook Version 3.0 (Acrobat Reader is needed to open it). To install Adobe Acrobat Reader (if it is not already installed on your machine), click here. This will take you to the Adobe download site, where you can follow instructions for installation.

 The Career Network Ministry Handbook addresses topics such as the following:

  • The role of prayer in finding a new job
  • Identifying your life’s purpose and direction by discovering your strengths, spiritual gifts and personal traits
  • Establishing a marketing strategy through research, improved communication skills and effective résumés
  • Making use of both traditional and non-traditional approaches to job searches, through the use of the internet, recruiters, associations and accountability groups
  • Preparation and follow-up for interviews
  • Responding to offers of employment, including salary negotiation
  • Dealing with depression and disappointment while unemployed

Resources in the CNM Handbook include the following:

  • Worksheet for determining spiritual gifts
  • Worksheet on personal traits
  • Sample résumés
  • Sample cover letters
  • Informational interview sample questions
  • Sample questions encountered in interviews
  • Sample approaches to salary negotiation
  • Sample thank-you letter
  • Worksheet for use in salary negotiation
  • Sample letter rejecting an offer
  • Listing of books to help in career transition

Click Here to view a digital version of the Career network Handbook.

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