Victory Lap

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…where we celebrate success stories!!!


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  1. I am starting a new position as Software Engineer at MTCSC on Monday. I had an interview with them earlier in January for a different position, and they passed on me, feeling I was over-qulified, but I got called back for this new position. Thank you to everyone who helped and encouraged me. Once I get settled in my new position, I plan to come back as a voluteer.

    • Awesome news!!! We are thrilled to hear this. Thank you for including in your message that “you never what will happen”. And please don’t forget others like you. Come back to the meeting, share your uplifting message and, of course, volunteer! Others will need your help, encouragement and proof good things will happen if you have faith. (From Mayumi)

  2. I am so sorry I can’t be there in person for my victory lap! The Volunteers of MBC networking events have been so helpful and supportive, and ultimately I have landed a job through my attendance of this event! I accepted an offer from SAIC for a Contracts Representative position in the Enterprise and Missions Solutions Business Unit. I would like to thank everyone involved for making this success possible and encourage everyone in attendance tonight that with God and the help of this mission it is possible to find what you’re looking for even in this economy!

    Thanks again for all the prayer and direct help!


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